Thanks to the brilliant feeds we’ve had from Astronautics on Twitter we’ve managed to follow the NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis on it’s Hubble  Servicing Mission…. and it got us thinking about `all things high-flying and steep-diving`.  The allegories of such space language seem not only applicable to our economy but also to those in power and doesn’t need spelling out, especially after the last week of headlines, hot on the heels of the Bankers headline-grabbing.

Atlantis is due re-entry this week and it will be a return to normal gravity for it’s Astronauts. However, before they get back to earth, extraordinary skills are required by the Commanders to set the Glide Path as the ‘plane’ plummets back to earth. These experts don’t get a second chance if they break the rules…. or even a chance to practice their descent.

The Shuttle has been doing maintenance work on the deep-space star telescope. As we all know, telescopes measure distant objects whilst microscopes measure short focal length.  So that’s one telescope, one microscope and a magnifying glass for good measure….. and anyone with nothing to hide wouldn’t have any fear about a bumpy landing….