None of us get to see all the pieces of our data scattered around.


I was (after questioning someone’s CCJ and default assertions) informed ‘but a new loan means I won’t have bad credit’ and in the same week, given, I kid you not, ‘the computer says No…’ from a High Street lender whose staff member told of the IT System being unreliable.
Two unrelated issues both equally frustrating – hence the rant.
Sure, extenuated circumstances do lead to defaults and the CCJ route and credit repair is an excellent move towards taking control and starting the mountain climb. It is unfortunately not a Cow Jumps Over The Moon style leap. And, talking of mountains, whilst a raft of validations isn’t an unexpected lender request (especially at a time of rising financial crime), the lender who stress-tested the stress tests made that mountain look like a molehill compared to the Everest it turned into.
The person who thinks they can get over a mountain easily and the lender who thinks it’s OK to waste everyone’s time has profound implications. We’re all expected to put our data forward but using data that isn’t put up and can be used against us, shared about us and define us doesn’t sit well with me.
Does such information give a more accurate and detailed picture of an Applicant or is it the Zeitgeist version of a tick-box?
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