An excuse we hear from ourselves, and other quarters, seems to be on the increase; everyone is ‘too busy’. It’s not a new idea being busy in business, it`s par for the course, a part of the territory as models adapt and develop, strategies are placed to structure the model. It`s simple to understand that if business was simple it wouldn’t take time. With their business model primed and a strategy that encompassed preparation for change various businesses seemingly riding the wave of opportunity are, in fact, prepared and ready to strike. One person’s memory of a craze that swept the nation is, for some businesses, a memory of a craze that opened a business opportunity.

We’re not music snobs, we’ll gladly admit if we find something of interest in the charts as much as finding someone of interest at a local pub or digging around in an independent store (how we lament the loss of our local indie, every visit held the same excitement as a Christmas morning to a three-year old) however, how much good music goes unnoticed because of the business models put in place to get that music heard, and how much more will go unnoticed, as music fans respond in their spending habits as a response to those models and  changes in the economy. Fashion, books, restaurants, shopping, whatever; any strategy without a business model will likely lead to missing the target and any business model without a strategy will definitely miss the target. Even those who are disinterested and in need of some form of music medicine will remember when Radiohead  released their album a few years ago as their pay-as-you-want download response to their recognition of a declining, or some would say, dying business model. For times they are a changing and that includes the way business has been and is done.

Business plans are an invaluable part of any business, arguably even more so during any post-turbulence, areas of an industry which are seemingly invincible need them because short term profit doesn’t guarantee long term development or avoid exposure.  Any business should maximise using every opportunity to keep the turnover flowing and the profit growing because despite lots of good things that businesses are able to do, they exist to make profit and, despite some of us clinging to our vinyl like a limpet to a rising tide, the business model of musicians, is to get that music heard. Business plans should use the model to focus on how the money is turned over, with strategies to optimize revenue and give a clear indication of how survival is maintained throughout any changes.

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)