When our website went down (to where, we don’t quite know) it was a brain-freeze moment until our talking Haynes Manual, Matt Densley came to the rescue.  Along with his explanation came reassurance, and the follow up adjustment meant a brain-freeze melt, and no after effects.

It would have been helpful to have some equivalent assistance when the provincial proclamation was made to us, by a self-proclaiming `local’  business, as only having `local people’ as customers;  not having a Brewer’s Dictionary to hand,  brain freeze!  Were they referring to their business as being excluded from non-locals or that they excluded non-locals?  Because, just as when we visit somewhere new, we turn to apps, travel sites, blogs and websites, businesses can and are doing the same.  Even the smallest business is now enabled to link beyond local with some place new, other businesses and business groups.

Local business shapes the local economy, it integrates trends and sub-trends and, therefore, a locality is dependent upon the size of its businesses. Enabling areas of opportunity for a business to progress to another area is not just for those who might be feeling the pinch of their local economy.

For all businesses, however, not being in isolation, for any business, is essential; especially if the local economy is floundering.  Buy Local has proved, without losing the value of local knowledge and still having local interest at its heart, extension has potential. Which, in terms of such success, local food trends and  farmers markets illustrate connecting with customers and opening a business to a wider audience can meet customer’s needs, remain competitive and ensure survival.

There are plenty of brain freeze moments for businesses, no matter how warm or cold the economy, therefore its reassuring to know that there is a Doctor in the house who understands the symptoms of Brain Freeze by Web.

(Image credit: lululemon athletica Article credit: Copyright SUF)