Much debate,  in the past,  has been given over to Public Holidays.  An old fashioned idea, introduced in England, in order for Bank employees to have the opportunity to play Cricket. They have been considered, by some, as a prevention of the ‘lunch is for wimps’ brigade working the obligatory 24/7 with others wandering from shop-to-shop confused by the  some closed,  some open  policy undertaken over a Bank Holiday whilst a blank look overtook them as the rescheduled bus timetable meant a wasteland of public transport or the obligatory car journey to traffic-jam hell….. and all undertaken in the rain.

But 2009 is a new world.   Whilst  simple pleasures can’t always be enjoyed, with such threats as being made redundant or having  your home taken away, the break from perpetual gloomy news, stock market reports and general economic fallout has never been so welcome by so many.

So, we’re back in the office after the best type of Bank Holiday, one with a freebie on our doorstep…… the sun.   Hope it’s a feature of the new world.