Welcome January – The month where bad things are put to bed and good things can be hoped for. The month that follows festive activities which are sometimes joined at the hip with pressure and stress, and consequently the month where I hear about at least one relationship breakdown and resultant property or family home being re-thought.


Mergers of all types break down; usually because old contracts and habits are held on to for too long… complacency sets in and stale working arrangements are overlooked. This (associated with smaller business) can be exampled by the main decision maker sometimes being the only decision maker, relying on their own way of approaching tasks, going down the path of complacency.
Of course, business (and marriage) isn’t linear. The variables at work among the hustle and bustle of everyday business and/or life effect the unnecessary waste in a frantic search to answer problems rather than tackling the challenge. As way of efficiency, the best way is mixing up the way a problem or challenge is approached, recognising strengths and noticing weaknesses isn’t costly to undertake but can be costly if not undertaken. The smaller business might not have the flexible muscle of bigger cousin companies, but they also don’t have layers of complexity. Ironically, this greater degree of freedom is the area which needs more control, to be managed successfully…. which returns me back to marriage and the month I hear about those drifting apart.
Image and Article Credit: Copyright SUF © 2018