There is a freedom to walking away, to being able to move on with a clear mind. These are the people I work with.
Looking at the usual suspects – Ads – anyone would presume that getting a mortgage or loan is quick and easy. It’s quick and easy to apply, quick and easy to check if you qualify, there are quick and easy quotes, quick and easy decisions, quick and easy offers, its quick and easy to access cash, quick and easy to access funds and the calculators are quick and easy to use.
Bish-bash-bosh!  Fast, simple, quick and easy. Almost anyone can walk away with a little-or-no-choice mortgage or loan.Relax3
The bish-bash-bosh route eliminates options and someone being in control of what they sign their name to.
Opportunity takes time and salience is golden. Walking away knowing you’ve done the right thing is ‘Easy like Sunday morning’.
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