We have a digital world, with a digital economy and it’s as flummoxing as it is fascinating.

Within its lexicon are words which sound as though they belong on the Starship Enterprise: firewalls, encryption and the like, I had very worthwhile day away from the office  amongst a world of data protection.

There’s a lot of white noise (and likely even more data), data breaching, data loss and of course a digital currency floating around. There are huge numbers associated (Ebay instructing 200m users to change their passwords) and changes to regulation (EU regulations) is on the way. When it’s possible to ‘lose’ a plane (MH370 ), some data appears useless. When it’s possible to pinpoint a place in an ocean that a lost plane might be found, some of it is of great value.

As an observation, for those of us not directly involved, it’s a challenge to understand how most data is gleaned and applied to become relevant information….. and can seem like it’s from another planet…. a bit like finance.

Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF © 2014