Captivating is the short documentary film of Caines Arcade; the 9 year old who made the most of what he’d got (which didn’t include games stations, pc etc).

Fascinating to understand that a cardboard box still has the potential as No. 1 toy.

Inspiring to learn, that some, still take things apart, knowing they might not go back together; for discovery.

Charging $1 for 4 games or $2 for a fun pass (500 turns within a month: security via calculators), using recycled toys for prizes, updating his games (an easy soccer game saw toy soldiers placed in defence) and anything that could be built rather than bought was encouraged, this motivated young person waited patiently for his first customer.

Awesome deal!

One perfect customer equalled a Flashmob: the hidden was discovered.

Playing with a purpose creates another winner.   

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)