It’s like there’s gold and silver and treasure in one part of my tummy and butterflies and insects in the other part…. was one of my children’s responses when they faced a new experience.

Facing something new, that mixture of excitement and nervous anticipation as they confronted something to which they didn’t know what to expect or how they’d get through it  –  but, because they’d dared to do it before, they knew they’d come out at the other side.

Micro and small business, running a `don’t upset the applecart’  outlook because they’re getting by just fine, nobody’s bothering them, and they can lie-low with inertia, has a wake-up call when that sensation kicks-in after they’ve being operating the routine of, in effect, wake up, go to work; do what has to be done.

Until…. along comes a decision or choice which has to be made…..

The butterflies are killed off by the insects and a sense of dread takes over after putting up with routines that are slowly strangling them. Staying with the bank that has a one-sided relationship, the supplier who doesn’t give good service or any other such `put-up-with’,  the sense of lurching that’s part of an owner-manager’s constant underlying anxiety hasn’t been tested out; their business hasn’t been alive.

That’s when their gold, silver and treasure moments have a butterfly and  insect invasion, like a customer facing a percentage increase, the moaning and blame displacement begins………

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)