6 Steps to Expose Business

Fresh starts and positive attitude echoed around for the start of this year.

Again, full of gusto and mostly refreshed, with the chink of glasses being raised to new beginnings still ringing in ears….. until routine takes over.

No problem, there is the next fresh start of springtime around the corner, a time to dust off any long winter, until the distractions of the oncoming summer take over.

No matter.  Sunshine, holidays and any absence of mind can be repaid in the autumn with a back-to-school approach, that is, until routines slides in along with the darker nights.

No hassles, it’s almost the end of the year and there is a fresh start opportunity waiting around the corner…

In some form or another, we all do it, it’s part of the human condition. But how does this human condition affect the condition of a business? Which 6 risky practices do we hear from business guardians that have the potential to expose a business to the start of bad practices?

Exposure #1

I’m too busy.

  • Delegate or organise but don’t ignore. The potential pitfalls when the responsibilities of running a business are tucked under a mat means at least one almighty fall will be experienced.  By reviewing the roles and responsibilities of the business into different categories, in the zippy fast days of digital, the overwhelming nature of business can be readily assisted.

Exposure #2

I’m going to, later.

  • There’s no point in doing things now, it’s all too unsettled. Meanwhile the rest of the world keeps turning. Customers turn away, looking for better value. Effective staff move on, often feeling undervalued. Businesses move in and on, leaving little of value.

Exposure #3

I’ve tried things before and they never work.

  • An abstract concept that doesn’t fully explain what had been looked at, why it had been looked identified, how it was approached, and so on. Whatever had been considered necessary to try to assist the business could be revisited, for anything that might have been missed the first time.

Exposure #4

My business is running along just fine. I know it doesn’t need tweaking.

  • Great, if areas of the business have had a review, and not so great if they haven’t.  Delusion displaces and makes for a fragile state throughout the entire business, firm footings need facts.

Exposure #5

Everything is okay.

  • That’s a start, because otherwise the business might not be enabled to move forward if it can’t invest in itself by paying its way in terms of b2b relationships, development opportunities and the responsibilities towards members that make up the business team.There may, for example, be leakage which the assistance of a commercial Accountant, specialising in that business area, would identify immediately or by using an Agent a Landlord is ensured that Landlord and Tenant both  profit from being suitably matched.

Exposure #6

I don’t ever need to consider looking at how I’m running my business. I’m so incredible at running it that nothing will ever effect it. I am considerably successful.

  • We’ve actually met this person – several times – and, in our experience, it’s usually been someone who has lost interest in business and their business. Unless the  business is to close with all its assets taken into account, it’s a short-sighted attitude. Exit strategies are as susceptible to the unexpected as anything else in a business. Whether retail, leisure, service or property based, business needs monitoring.

Setting out with too big an idea which isn’t going to give immediate results and isn’t specific to your business is the certain way of blowing up any idea of ensuring that your business is monitored for self-gain.

It’s likely that the business is already overwhelmed  – therefore plan, strategy, review any approach with the objective of making a start that will become part of the business plan, the way it runs, the way it always runs…….Step by Step.

(Image credits: flattop341 and SUF.    Article credit: Copyright SUF )