Thanks to those who make information public knowledge such as the likes of  FSAFinancial Journalistsother media  and public access via the Internet, it’s common knowledge that failed attempts to obtain credit, finance or loans leaves  footprints on credit history. In the school of rational lending, the favoured Head Girls and Boys are those holding the badge of a perfect credit rating. However, it is worth a reminder that, even a minor blemish, including for the likes of multiple applications, you can push yourself into Detention for some time – The results of which are further potential unsuccessful applications, as, although each lender has their own criteria for lending, most lending facilitators rely on Credit Reference Agencies to assist in their assessment.

Remember that at the heart of every Robot is a computer; there are plenty of websites offering to take personal credit information to match to products available, which seems to us like deciding to gargle rather than drink from the fountain of knowledge when the world wide web of information is available.

As the slogan goes `for everything else there’s Mastercard’, and, we would add machines, but if you prefer to connect we offer more value than a financial slogan.

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)