We have a theory about morning routines; they’re needed. The reason being, most people are on auto pilot before energy kicks in to face the day and a morning routine can be trusted to get them from A to B, then they can consider C, D, E …..  There was once a time when the morning routine included news which was varied but that seems a long time ago.  Now it seems that any morning cheer is interspersed with a constant referral to the economy to go alongside any eggs in the morning, usually with a reference splash of transparency or trust to place alongside the toast.

It was fascinating to read The Endelman Trust Barometer Study  for this year released shortly before DAVOS.  One  interesting point it highlighted was scepticism with regards to news stories, and probably the reason so many are seen clinging to a piece of cold toast in the morning, apparently some need to see or hear a story as many as ten times before believing it  –  Which could start a whole debate around cynics or sceptic?

The state of trust was observed for the study  in Business, Government, Media, Non-Governmental Organisations, Industries, USA, and Nationality. Amongst those areas, Business was shown to be as, or more, trusted than Government in 19 out of 23 nations surveyed (wonder if there were  a mix of cynics and sceptics?) Using factors of : High Quality Products and Services, Company I Can Trust, Transparent Business Practices and Treats Employees Well, Technology stood out as the leading-light shiny-bright word for trust, in both developed and developing economies, followed by the Auto Industry at no 2; with the least trusted being Financial Services and Banking (where are the cynics when you need them?).  The reputation of Banks plummeting would be no surprise to anyone who has some morning news alongside their tea and coffee, especially as it related to US, UK and Ireland. Measuring the Corporate Business World, the Barometer also cited credible spokespeople and sources of information such as media stalwarts as something believable for information.

Trust, it would seem, has still to be earned through action and that’s reason enough to feel energised in the morning.

(Image credit: cygnus921  Article credit: Copyright SUF)