‘I don’t envy your job on a day like today’ I’d said to the safety-jacketed, steel-booted and hard-hatted workman turning the Stop/Go notice on the hottest day of the year. ‘I don’t envy yours’ he nodded to me sitting in the car. How right he was.
Planning had started my day. Not the getting-organized type, but the type that creeps into buildings – especially the ones needing refurbishment (and sometimes the ones that have been refurbished).
Conversion, conversion, conversion. Permitted Development regulations, change of use and amenities such as parking spaces and the like should employ Stop/Go notice people who are able to shout out ‘get back in the line!’
Another couple of jobs to add to the list of least enviable: Small property developer looking for fair returns, and, Planning Officer in times of much needed affordable housing.
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