Hanging on in quiet desperation

My Autumn has blown in with sound Postcards from the past.
Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way’ being sung with as much relevance as it had when Pink Floyd released it as part of their seminal album Dark Side of the Moon (Time). As too is Nitin Sawney’s seminal contribution, Beyond Skin, decades down the line, more pertinent than ever.
The film of a Concert (Us + Them) and a 20th Anniversary show has sucker-punched the office into a sublime mix of sounds to listen away the darker days of declining light hours and political issues.
Total genius. The lyrics never stray from never-ending challenges, but the music takes the pain away. Truly a bittersweet symphony, especially since both albums have had such staying power; the connection for Step-Up.
Staying power is the common theme amongst so many people I come across. They’re facing issues and everyday life pressures that could easily chew them up and certainly spit out others, yet somehow, they manage to over-ride and stand up again, moving their ideas on, in business, creating their own life Album.
Image and Article Credit: Copyright SUF © 2019
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