Almost a year since we mused about wrecking;  false lights luring passing ships, the General Election has brought out lights of a different nature. Lights, Camera, Action: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly ( in more ways than one) are being played out and, after reading a  superb article by Michael Blastland   about polls and numbers, we realised that a year down the line, our own musings’ 5 bullet points haven’t changed……. just like the economy.


We advocate;  Should
1.    Reduce Your Expensive Debt
2.    Budget
3.    Guard Against the Long Term Effects of Inflation
4.    Hope for the Best, but Prepare for the Worst
5.    Learn a new language – Finance

We advocate;  Should Not
1. Confuse What You Want With What You Need
2. Have a Short Term Strategy
3. Ignore Common Sense
4. Forget Your Retirement
5. Treat Your Home as a Get Rich Quick Scheme


With an economic light glowing burning red, the coming five years needs to move to the green light without any more wrecks. Will it be Magnificent Seven   or, Good Bad and Ugly?

(Image credit: Woodleywonderworks  Article credit: Copyright SUF)