How dangerous is cliche?  For example, the stereotypical teenager is moody and unapproachable, think of Bill Gates when he was in his teens locked away with his computer. Young people have energy, drive and talent – but usually not money.  They are a mirror of culture and demonstrate that in the most refreshing and creative ways, including business. A young entrepreneurial mind can be valuable in any career.

StepUpFinance was therefore very interested to be made aware of Shell Live Wire which helps 16 – 30 year olds to start and develop their own business by providing information, advice and practical support. Every month, a no-strings-attached financial boost of £1,000 is given to help get new business ideas off the ground in their Grand Ideas Awards.

The emergence of innovation from the confrontation of old ideas inevitably happens.  Flexability is the Key and young people have a much quicker approach to adapting and changing; just think about fashion.

We at StepUpFinance look forward to saying that, whoever the new Bill Gates is, they worked with us.

(Image credit: petter palander  Article credit: Copyright SUF)