How many staples does it take?

In the middle of what was a routine week I explained to someone why, no matter how much I empathize with their being very busy – ‘too busy to keep up with paperwork’ – the underwriter will not be as empathetic and the thirty-two pages of contract they’d signed with a dubious lender (found through their weeks of online research – hence being too busy to keep up with paperwork) need to be found, otherwise, they’ll be saddled with the debt to the tune of a lot more than they’d calculated when they’d signed on the bottom line.

In the Land of Lending, re-arranging outcomes can be very painful when the Time Thief visits.

It starts with the rote of questions that must be asked, such as What’s your credit profile like? and, Can you put up collateral? For those who’ve decided there’s a potential solution needed and have maybe spent some time with Mr. Search Engine doing their research, they’ll maybe have their answers ready. For those who’ve spent their time with Mr. Search Engine, at the expense of being too busy for paperwork, they too will have their answers ready, so much so, I could probably replace the must-ask questions with How many staples go into a stapler before the strip collapses? If a mortgage/loan application equated to getting a seat on a commuter train, what do you think your chances are? The seasoned Tyre-Kicker will churn out an anticipated response without a second thought: ‘923’ and ‘No problem’.

In my industry, weeding truth from the Time-Thief’s perceived truth can feel like walking through a field of thistles on a dark night whilst lightning strikes. With every industry having their Time-Thieves, that makes for a lot of timewasters out there dodging lightning bolts whilst seeking out the path of least resistance.

Image and Article Credit: Copyright SUF © 2019


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