Step-Up Finance noted that, according to Warren Buffet, the way forward this year might be to invest in mattresses – as we all might need to start hoarding any cash during deflation. Shortly after that, his investment fund made a record loss, illustrating that no one is immune to instability.

Although we’re not certain in which context he said “Rule No.1: Never lose money, Rule No.2: Never forget Rule No.1”  his recent losses could easily have deterred him from making such bold statements.  No.  Good to see him on top form again as he demanded discounts for a recent bulk buy of ukulele.  “Whether we’re talking about socks or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down”, he said after his recent losses.

We’re wondering if his purchase has added to a recent general increase in the sale of this instrument  or whether the increase is a market response…….. and downsizing is the trend.