Horror stories are in every industry; due diligence, none paying customers, theft, bad workmanship, small businesses being trampled when they’re down, customers being unfairly treat, most businesses have a story or two, as do a lot of customers.

There are of course procedures, forums or specialists to turn to for assistance and support, or our tongue in cheek DIY reaction checklist which takes inspiration from the great rockers around the world.

  • Take Breath: The dark Elf that is Mortiis  is said to live in a cave which isn’t such a bad idea for anyone wanting to take some time out as retreat to charge up the batteries; if it was good enough for batman…..
  • Calm Down: Bauhaus’s front man Pete Murphy is known for singing a ten minute song, `Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ while hanging upside down a-la bat.  Apparently it’s possible to hypnotise a chicken by turning it upside down too, therefore, the theory is, hang around for a calming effect to take over.
  • Be Indomitable:  Screaming Jay Hawkins  managed to ‘put a spell on’ peers and followers. A bold personality who managed to scare fans, with his lyrics and a stage act that included leaping from coffins, yet he wasn’t scared to be bold which could be a magic spell in itself.
  • Stand Firm: Arguably managing to make all those that went before them hide under the bedclothes as mere fodder in comparison, Black Sabbath  made you feel you were being entertained by danger itself.  They scared!  But as the years have gone by, their front scary man has calmed down and shown that doom isn’t all gloom.  From a challenging and troubled early start, later struggling with personal demons, Ozzy has made it onto many rich lists and the Sabbath are allegedly to return.
  • Act: Screaming Lord Sutch, spellbound by Hawkins was known for his horror themed stage shows, with the best played very loud Ritchie Blackmore  of Deep Purple and Rainbow in his backing band, the Savages, along with a few knives and daggers thrown into the mix of his show.  Get a reaction, get noticed.


(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)