Game Changer! You Hold The Key. 

I’d never thought it would take some thirty years before I could open an ordinary door with such a sense of achievement. And when I did, the infill storage area didn’t disappoint.  Although its contents had long since changed, I was amused by the minute space which I’d always recalled as a portal.

Returning to an experience as an adult is a completely different experience to that of the younger self; child, teenager, or adult. Elements have shifted and the view is altered. What had seemed a humongous area full of treats was in fact no deeper than an average bookshelf…. and arguably more useful without the door I’d remembered – a barring door that had been sufficient bait for my then curiosity.

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new  paths. (Walt Disney) 

Nice words Walt…. but how many of us are able to keep this up as we progress beyond The Bare Necessities  of Jungle Book, To Infinity and Beyond with Toy Story via a $4Bn buyout of Marvel and IronMan 3D?

IronmanWe’d all like to keep up the childhood curiosity but time gnaws away at us, draining our appetite.  Sounding like a menthol sweet ad –  as a readily available tool to freshen clarity and expose understanding – curiosity all too often lays rusting under the adult ‘s cover, destroyer of hope, namely  ‘call me cynical’.

Take that cynicism into the smaller business arena and allow it to lay in wait, as barrier to curiosity, and a quashed aspiration may be the lighter injury sustained from the increased risk of vulnerability.

For many with smaller businesses, the issue in understanding barriers to finance is removed when the functions of lenders or banks is understood, plus, by:

  • Understanding the lender type, the funding type is revealed
  • Understanding the lender’s source  of funding, the availability and supply is indicated
  • Understanding the operating process indicates accessibility

Bank licensing isn’t on the top of most people’s chat list yet, whether a regulated or un-regulated lender or bank, the controlling group  having a potential to impact from the top down is worthy of bearing in mind. For example, not all funders take the same consideration towards the value of assets or how those assets are valued, and the balance between the two. The commonality between all lending types is the funder’s bottom line of: Will the loan type be returned? 

When a business is profitable, with a track record of legitimate business to illustrate the loan  (in whatever format) being paid back – there will always be lenders interested in lending. But for a lender or bank being ‘good to go’ any of the barring ‘doors’ need opening for a clear view of what’s inside. To arouse a lenders curiosity, involves understanding  a) Who would be interested? And b) Why would they be interested?  To instigate a game-change involves holding the key. Finding that correct key to open the correct door marked Money for my Business can be achieved with a two way commitment.



Image credits: DarrelBirkett,   JD Hancock,   Robert M Deecke.   Article credit: Copyright SUF 2013