We’re suckers at Step-Up Finance for any co-workers with a long mane, leg hair or a cold wet nose; especially those that work nine-to-five and beyond. Yep, working animals.

And it seems like there is a branch of the animal and man team  heading out to the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Trained to work in adverse conditions these animals reminded us, along with a brilliant article by Kevin Garside in the Telegraph  that outside chances do sometime come about but, more to the point, with so many problems around any antidote of possibility is something no-one would want to dampen.

Although not without controversy, the games  have always been a place of inspiration and human spirit and there are very few of us who haven’t had our spirits also lifted by an animal at some point.

So, here’s to an uplifting sporting two weeks…… has anyone seen the hairy Swiss, the one with a wooden cask-shape piece of bling around its neck?

(Image credit: TimInSydney  Article credit: Copyright SUF)