As the Summer hums along, the inevitable lists of books to read, places to visit and things to do are  appearing in  the weeklies. Fuse that with the latest trend for Staycation and we wondered how we’d fare with a ‘working holiday’. 

Places to visit would be limited unless we swapped desks around or changed our view points; the book list might be quite lengthy looking at all the recent ‘ How to Sell Coals to Newcastle  in Turbulent Times’ publications  and ‘ How to Cash In and Seriously Damage Your Financial Wealth’ Guru type books pouring out.

So, opting for something to do, and as the  halcyon days of being able to use common place language to mutual understanding seems to be fast disappearing we thought any Staycation in the office could be a useful time to learn a new language; Financial Parlance. 

Thus far ( most should be prefixed sic)  we have, Financial Tsunami, Economic Trampoline Recovery, Bleakonomics, Economic Saxophone Recovery, Downturnaround,  Economic Nike Recovery, Recession Roadkill,   Propportunity, Recessed, Affluenza, Homeworking, Credit Crunch, Credit Crash and Stagflation. 

Think we need a holiday!