Credit, as distinct from money, is generally perceived as being the function of Banks and according to consumer campaigners Which?  in their focused campaign `Britain Needs Better Banks’  almost two thirds of those questioned would be on the `hate it’  side, if the Banking System were the equivalent of Marmite.


Consumers depend on banking services and as Banks include: Retail Banks, Investment Banks, Insurance Companies, Building Societies, Private Banks and new or merger ones, that’s a lot of employees as part of the financial services industry.  All necessary as part of the economic recovery. 

Suggesting little optimism, Consensus Economics  forecasts growth from a high of 2 per cent to a low of 0.7 per cent. That’s, compared with other nations,  following a sluggish recovery.

So, `love it or hate it’  every little helps.

(Image credit: Mai Le  Article credit: Copyright SUF)