There’s no doubt there’ll be plenty of news over the coming months but as the classic lyrics remind us `I read the news today, Oh boy…’   Sometimes it’s good to have a rest from the news, especially as it’s often a deep look at shallow news, only  learning such things as ` … how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall’.  Instead we thought we’d reflect on and muse about things a bit closer to  `Come on, come on, let’s work together’.

Besides the tedious links to classic songs, much to the embarrassment of one of us, during a high day and holiday request over the counter for a `Lucky Dip’,  the assistant responded with a look which might have been followed by `Sawdust is Aisle 10, left hand side, pet bedding’  but instead said `Which one?’ only to be responded to with: `The Classic!’  ….From which we now understand,  `It could be YOU’  but , for fairly obvious reasons, is unlikely to be us.  We tend to overlook the opportunity of a Lottery win and try not to ponder on what might have been.

Missed or lost opportunity becomes a vortex when reflected on for too long but, as another classic put it  `… all the things that you’ve seen will slowly fade away’.  Which is just the reason, as in the words of another classic  `…it’s just the simple things, pure incidentals, it’s like you wouldn’t even notice’  that are often worth giving a backward glance to before starting something new. Checking that nothing has been overlooked or if anything can be gathered amongst any debris from the past; and you might not ‘look back in anger’ in the future.

So what is it that we’ve learnt in the past year?  One of the things that we’ve noted is how quickly after a new idea is born, it spreads; which can be irritating when something is blatantly copied. However, it is said the best form of flattery is imitation, we’ll let it rest at that. We’ve learnt that the need to move quickly, especially with new ideas, is even more necessary.  Having spoken with some brilliant people over the past year, those  who genuinely know their product or service inside out, borne from knowledge and experience, shine out  as much as those who genuinely want to learn. Both being great to work with as they use and recognise their skills, abilities or specialism  for best advantage.  Lessons about the necessity of communication, at all levels, continues, and will, no doubt, continue to teach as technology evolves. Whilst the two lessons that shine out, in the immortal words of a great classic will `always and forever…  be together, forever …’ 

The necessity in business for Trust and Value ….. `that won’t ever change’

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)