Additional  Choice to Social Lending

A new entrant to social lending has appeared, Yes-secure will be offering competitive loans, as in the vein of the first online Bank, Zopa, allowing consumers to both lend and borrow money to each other online via a social network element, with a prime focus of the borrowing and lending process. Lenders bid on member loan listings, between £10 and £25,000 currently being  offered for Yes-secure and £1,000 to £15,000 from Zopa,  with charges and credit checks taken for the P2P model for UK resident borrowers and lenders.

Flood Warnings to Businesses

The Environment Agency has put out a warning to tourism businesses regarding Health and Safety responsibilities as the holiday season starts, with regard to floods for both customers and businesses in terms of danger and damage. In their report for 2007 the average cost per flooded business was £75,0000  to  £112,000 with 5% of  businesses not covered by insurance.

Supermarkets Move into New Areas

After hearing of Asda’s intentions to build commercial developments around its stores and move into commercial property development, Tesco’s property venture with British Land, Waitrose’s hunt for a distribution hub, Spar’s announcement for Haven Holiday sites, and Sainsbury’s  considering opening up in China it seems the big boys are on the move again.

Précis of Emergency Budget

For those who might have missed elements from the Boy George’s recent Red Box delivery, we’ve picked out a couple of catch-ups for you:
1. Full HM Treasury Budget Report

2. BBC Budget Calculator

3. Entrepreneurs viewpoint

4. Money Observer

And finally……….

Some Summer reading, as recommended by and to us, with a business or associated perspective – Let us know your thoughts and what we should add to the list.

2020 Vision –  Stan Davis and Bill Davison

Capitalism: The Unknown Deal – Ayn Rand

The Dilbert Principle – Scott Adams
Against the Odds – James Dyson

The Back of the Napkin – Dan Roam

Hilary Mantel – Wolf Hall

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)