It probably hasn’t gone unnoticed that we have a new Government since our last newsletter. We recommend several sites for up-to-date news coverage and associated articles related to the latest changes, since Pickfords day at Downing Street, including HIPs being scrapped, Bank regulation reform and changes effecting the economy in general – BBC Your Money, Times Online Money, Guardian Money, Telegraph Personal Finance.

For generally genuinely interesting writing about economics, economy and numbers, The Undercover Economist, and Pensions Guru are our two recommendations for this month.

Anyone looking for start-up costs and willing to pitch to the Enterprise Business Challenge for a Grant of up to £10,000? Entries close 2 July.

Over 1,100 students recently surveyed by online student accommodation finding service, illustrated that students rank big bedrooms and kitchens with ample surface space, and living close to campus, at the top of their wish list, and `cost’  is a deal-breaker due to money being tight.  Affordable rent, but not wanting to compromise on style, 62% admitted to being ‘extremely picky’. Buy-to-Let landlords – take note.

From September 2010, any Nationwide home-owners who let-out their properties for more than three years, and have a residential mortgage, will face an additional 1.5% to borrowers’ monthly payment, plus a £50 fee.

Nationwide saw its pre-tax profits fall by 69% from last year; CEO had said that he’d “lobbied the Government for an increase in the FSCS limit from £50,000 to at least £100,000″ to “re-assure savers with independent institutions that they have similar protection as those with Government-owned, nationalised and part-nationalised banks”, after blaming its’ fall on a combination of reasons, including high charges to FSCS.

Recent research by Money Saving Expert has shown a back-pocket cash culture. From their poll, in which the question asked was “What would you do if a builder…. or… anyone else offered you a 15% discount because ‘it’s better in my pocket than in the taxman’s’?”, 65% of respondents would happily pay in cash to get a discount, even knowing they might be encouraging tax evasion…

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