It’s Not a Puzzle, SB is IOH

A confusing cryptic signing-off at the end of an email we discovered to be a lamenting excuse rather than reason to be tagged on to a name.  As email arrived along with a misplaced attachment we assumed the acronym held an unknown reference to said document. Phone calls were made through various departments to be given the aural equivalent of an emoticon from a self proclaiming overworked employee, IOH is I’m Only Human.  We’ll leave you to visualise the insertion of whichever  appropriate symbol you feel should follow that  i.e. smiley face, stupid grin, exasperated face, etc. because by this point the one the one we wanted is unlikely to exist.

Only those existing in some parallel universe made up of Star Wars characters wouldn’t be able to use this phrase at some time or another, the rest of us can relate to IOH, except there is a caveat; as anyone running a small business with business DNA running through them will understand. Business DNA dictates IOH is only acceptable as a reason and should never be used as an excuse, even for those who think they are superhuman. Of course it’s imperative that the business is kept under control but it’s dangerous ground when the interpretation is doing it/everything yourself (DIY).

Business owners evaluate their metrics , for strengths and weaknesses, in different areas, however, how often does that small business turn its attention to a key area, the owner, to acknowledge their strengths and analyse their weaknesses?  The jeopardy of the flexible business owner who is IOH, in terms of keeping control of their business and constantly embarking on DIY, is to  become the emoticon of a well-worn elastic band; worn or brittle and snap, Oh! My Gosh! (OMG), not a good look for the business.

Using leverage in its broadest sense can be the strength for many small businesses, by analysing and evaluating those areas of value , organising the tedious tasks and considering the potential to drive the business forward, small business can use its IOH specialism.

5 Ways Small Business Uses IOH as Leverage not Lament

  • Invest your business ready for the future. Evaluate what place you want to be in 12/18/24 months from now and how you can get it there. When you’ve measured backwards and forwards it could mean making uncomfortable changes, which aren’t an excuse, they’re the reason that you’re surviving (and thriving) in business being IOH
  • Analyse where your ROI is, if the sales are there but the margins aren’t have that conversation with your staff. If you have to be in two places at once, explain that to anyone effected, it’s not an excuse it’s a reason you’re IOH and in business.
  • Innovate your business however when/if something fails don’t forget you’re IOH, remember that you had the business DNA attitude to try things which is the reason you don’t lament excuses and the reason you’re in business.
  • Share ideas, with employees, customers, third parties and anyone that can give you feedback to evaluate because being IOH and in business you have that ability which isn’t an excuse to chat but a reason to communicate.
  • Celebrate being small, the advantages of a small business are all too often stamped out by aggressive larger competition. Smaller businesses are IOH, that’s not an excuse, remember. It’s a reason.

(Image credit: Ashtyn Renee Article credit: Copyright SUF)