This was a character who understood that every aspect of business processes has its complications; he dealt in facts…. not opinions.

‘Earlier this year we had some trouble with seahorses’ – so went a line in a weekend read about the trials and tribulations of a chef who was having difficulty getting kosher certification ‘it’s a tough business – tougher than the pharmaceuticals business’.

This guy was talking about examining Nori, the seaweed around Sushi.  Seahorses aren’t kosher (neither are Shrimps and Eels and Octopus and Squid) and he’d found Seahorse infestation. He went on… ‘Only fish with scales and fins are kosher. But not all fish with fins and scales – sometimes what you think are scales are in fact in fact bony protrusions – bony protrusions do not qualify as scales’.

His business partner asked him ‘What are we left with?’

 Halibut, Salmon, Red Snapper, Mackerel, Mahi-Maho, Tuna….   but….  only certain kinds of Tuna.

(Image credit: Oscar Alexander    Article credit: Copyright SUF 2012)