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Michael Hird

Owner, Consultant and Problem Solver 

From a background of building engineering, project management, development and Certification, Michael then mixed his sector knowledge and engaged with Property Finance. Having been a Senior Development Engineer and Executive Structural Engineer within manufacturing and contracting, he was also able to develop key strength and knowledge of business finance.
His quantitative and qualitative knowledge and experience of financial solutions was built upon and has contributed to, significant insight and support for SME’s, Business Owners, Sole Traders, Landlords, Freelancers…. and their families.
A seasoned specialist in business and property finance, with a twist of Independence, he deals with alternative and less well-known, as well as major player finance providers.
Michael has served as both Regional Chair and member of CIOB Professional Practice Board, been a platform speaker at the London Stock Exchange on Data Security within Financial Services, and has worked with the BBC and Radio 4 on finance and mortgage related topics.



Doesn’t like wasting money


Doesn’t like wasting time



Time allowance

`Risk comes with not knowing what you’re doing’ – Warren Buffet

Innovative Ideas

`Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people’ – Steve Jobs


` Plan, Strategy, Review’ – Step-Up Finance


Clear Communication

`The question isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me’ – Ayn Rand

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Recent thoughts and opinions from Step-Up Finance’s leadership team

Hanging On In Quiet Desperation

My Autumn has blown in with sound Postcards from the past. ‘Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way’ being sung with as much relevance as it had when Pink Floyd released it as part of their seminal album Dark Side of the Moon (Time). As too is Nitin Sawney’s seminal contribution, Beyond Skin, [...]

How Many Staples Does It Take?

In the middle of what was a routine week I explained to someone why, no matter how much I empathize with their being very busy - ‘too busy to keep up with paperwork’ - the underwriter will not be as empathetic and the thirty-two pages of contract they’d signed with a dubious lender (found through [...]

Something Is Better Than Nothing

Ideas of Yield sought after in property investment continue to be the one area where folks have a pretty fair idea of what they’re looking to. I’ve mentioned this before and, for key calculations, it's worth mentioning again.   1. Net Yield is taken from the costs to a property and is a ‘fairer’ calculation [...]

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