Leave nothing out

For any loan or mortgage to work, Risk Control should be at the forefront from the off.
I’ve said before, lenders measure risk – so how can borrowers do the same to achieve a successful outcome?
I am an advocate (no surprise) of someone being equipped with highly experienced support. Someone with a track record, who can offer insight and an extra dimension to understanding. Mistakes can block efficiency, start to add up and be costly.
To that effect, there are no short cuts. Lenders will stress-test to their limits, therefore it’s essential to take time and find the optimum route in getting it right. Shoehorning is not an option for lenders or borrowers. Work put in (due diligence) at the beginning, within good time and focused on the right channel equips from the start, which potentially saves significantly. Being detracted from mandatory elements to concentrate on other issues skews the priorities and becomes a costly distraction.
Leave nothing out.
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