It’s official (well, official with an ish) because we don’t talk about money, we’re amongst another two thirds who are reluctant to chit chat away or phone a friend about finance. Call us old fashioned but we were brought up to never discuss such things as ‘how much something we have costs’ and we don’t like it when people talk about such things to us.  A personal things worth can be private.

However, this is a different approach to that taken for our ‘daily bread’. What a business is worth, its value, the fair price, bottom line and similar disclosures are dealt with objectively. In terms of business we then talk money. We have comparisons and measuring sticks for a business to be evaluated against as business transactions benefit from transparency and the objectivity of the Accountant, Solicitor or Intermediary yet we don’t break any personal privacy code.

It seems from a recent survey we’re also in the `let’s not talk about’ club for health, weight and relationships. We can’t explain it, but non-judgmental listening, and specifically skilled advice, is as comfortable for personal issues as it is for business; which means there’s more time for chit-chat and uplifting conversation.
(Image credit: Serge Melke Article credit: Copyright SUF)