Questioning Changes….

Justifiable concerns needing answers require questions and knowing how to know seems especially necessary in our fast paced world.

Evaluating acquired knowledge should provide necessary information, or create further questions for further information.  A statement with syntax found more likely in flat pack instructions but not difficult to follow to be ready for anything, hence;

  • When do you use cheques?
  • Who would be compromised and who will benefit if cheques are abolished by the Payment Council?  
  • Is the usage of the cheque in such decline that it needs abolishing?
  • Should or could there be a replacement for the cheque?
  • What will the affects be to businesses, charities and people who don’t want to use automated credit?
  • Who will pay for the cost of phasing out the use of cheques?
  • Should cheques be completely phased out
  • What service should Banks operate?
  • How new is the idea of phasing out cheques?
  • How many passwords can a brain retain?

Cheque guarantee cards are being phased out in 2011 and we assume that cheques will be written up to the date of their own death, so it would be reasonable to ask, when will the cheque take its final breath?  We understand that 2016 is the final decision date for demise of cheque usage, from 31st October 2018, but we don’t yet know how it’s all going to happen.

2010 – to – 2018 seems a long time.  One year less than British Troops   being deployed under a labour government  to Afghanistan, a decade shorter than the Conservatives were in power.

When we mused on the question If or When  our conclusion was, whenever the word If  is used, for any certainty, replace it with When.  Small steps or large, when changes are being made, the next question is `to know or be knowing in preparation for change ‘?


(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)