Monthly Noteworthy News:

Bank Taxes to Fund Future Bailouts

The IMF is set to propose new taxes on global financial institutions. FSC (Financial Stability Contribution) and the FAT  Tax ( Financial Activities Tax) – did we just see irony? – will be placed on profits and pay. The next G20 held, Canada in June, is certain to have much to talk about. 

Inflation Rate rate at 3.4%

With a target of 2%  from the Bank of England (BofE), when above-target inflation persists the BofE is likely to raise its rate, although The BofE has held its interest rate at 0.5%.  The reasons given for the acceleration is higher fuel costs, air transport and food along with oil prices soaring   and petrol prices increasing

Dancer for Money

No, we’re not about to burst into song,  aka Tina Turner, but Barclays Live  has launched a regional competition for dancers. Wonder if we’ll be seeing any winners in future promo ads; we’re thinking a fusion of Halifax Howard, Diversity  and the Barclaycard rollercoaster. For those who dance for their money in a different way there is always the Small Step campaign  aimed at new and existing businesses. Rhetorical question:  a small step up for some ?

April Musings:

Ethical Money: Transparent Oxymoron or an Elephant in the Room? – The effect of fairness and the treatment of others.

We’re Guilty…..  – Reaction to the realisation of overspending.

Addicted to Money….. Or a Prescription for Pain  – Is handling money and pain such a new idea?

High Five?  –  5 bullet points that haven’t changed……. just like the economy.

Outside the Box – No clues required – Investigate  – Mistrust, blood-stained knife and CSI forensic science.

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)