Direct with a Lender

You know how much deposit you have, how much you need to borrow, the type of mortgage you want, the mortgage rate you want to pay, and you understand all the fees and charges that can be attached to a mortgage. You also want to apply individually to lenders you’ve found, and be able to ask your questions directly.

Using a Mortgage Broker

You know how much deposit you have, but aren’t certain of how much you can borrow, what types of mortgages and rates are best for your plans, what fees and charges might be incurred, what criteria a lender will be looking for plus you have a lot of questions which you’re not certain how to frame to a lender or, if you’ll have the time to chase up a lender.

Worth Noting

Some lenders work exclusively with mortgage brokers which means some mortgages aren’t accessible directly. Some lenders offer direct-only routes, but an independent broker will be able to advise you about this.

An Independent broker isn’t tied to one lender or a small panel of lenders, and a good Independent broker will include any mortgage which is offered directly to the public (although they can’t submit a direct application).

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