Movement, Men and Machines or ‘Kraftwerk’

The  Tour de France  takes around 23 days to complete and covers 3,500 km /2,200 miles.  Rock Band Queen sang about the freedom of freewheeling on a bike… Bicycle..Bicycle..I want to ride my Bicycle… and Norman Tebbit as Employment Secretary is famous for the story about his unemployed father in the 30’s getting on his bike and looking for work.

Whilst Carl Horton didn’t get on a bike he completed his feat, after a visit to the Job Centre, in half the time of the Tour de France  and is currently riding along running his own Company.

As a full spectrum welder who’d been made redundant he used his knowledge and experience to start a service-based business  Horton Welding Supplies   alongside sales of welding products; some of which are at his eBay store.  Not one to stop the wheels turning and being used to melting things together, he also recognised that repair and maintenance is an alternative to buying new, therefore re-cycled products are also offered.

We don’t know if anyone near or dear to Carl is called `Mary’  but if there is they should be very Proud ….. Big Wheels Keep on Turning……

(Image credit: Derekgavey    Article credit: Copyright SUF)