This week we’ve mostly been to Europe, USA and Australia.  Our Sonic  Adventure began and ended with a phone call, a wanderlust wonder completed in four days during which we visited 3 of the 7 continents, approximately some 29  from  300,000 cities, heard, not quite, a million stories and we even managed to squeeze in an island. Geography: a subject that transports people beyond confines into zones of unfamiliar territory.  Any tag of colouring-in for cagoule  wearers is now well past its sell by date, along with connotations of teachers requiring qualification by default by leather elbow patches.

Curiosity may have killed the cat but it’s mild moggies that don’t get to discover. We’ve mused before about our interest in learning  and the win-win situation that comes about from conversations. Powerful possibility is made probable on this occasion through the wonders of others travel stories. It is always an education to listen to others experience, be it about their travels, the place they work in or where they live.  Being in a Service Industry we’re arguably better placed in the fruit bowl of life to avoid slipping on the bananas and finding the unexpected tomatoes. But does a business have to hang out with juicy fruits to start connecting? In our humble opinion, no, any business has the ability to be curious. And it’s so obvious we wouldn’t claim it to be an observation. It’s as basic an idea as the name venture given to venture capital or the answer to why do bear’s scratch their backs on the trunks of the toilet roll tree?

For a business, curiosity can be in any guise so long as it gets that business talking with, and listening to, employees, customers, suppliers, et al, putting a spark into dialogue doesn’t mean the day is dialogued away. The overused highlight of the hairdresser, “are you going anywhere nice for your holidays”, is indicative of a wasted opportunity as untapped talent buzzes around every business, minding its own business. To add to the list of businesses’ responsibility to itself, do some hiking around and add curiosity to open up the world of possibility.

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)