Vision…. `is the art of seeing things invisible’ (Swift).

Strategically placed around us are aids; PC, phone, light, files etc. Aids to us getting things done.  It’s also good to be reminded that beyond the centre of our focus there is another life, therefore, personal touches are added to the mix; photos, letters, cd’s, favourite tea/coffee cups etc.

On the periphery, never far away amongst the post-it notes, to do lists, gizmos and gadgets, we have visual reminders acting as unspoken common language. Bringing to mind the energy balanced between discipline and freedom, in business, there is a Pollack print. For the risks attached to finance and business, a wooden boat. With the most important object in our mix being a small pair of Native American’s shoes, for  the job in hand of being intermediary between the centre (finance) of a business and its margins (sustainability) and to walk a mile in mans moccasins.

As great as all the electronic gadgets and gizmos are, we believe implementation of attitude is as relevant a business instrument, as is using the latest app.

Business owners with foresight realise that for the invisible to become visible, or possible, takes others to understand, not stifle their ideas because, along with business visionary thinking, planning for success requires the right approach.

Taking the right approach, the `who, where, what, why and how’  is as relevant to the potential of our business (commercial finance, rescue package or cash-flow) as is the same approach to opportunities with those we work with, starting with the metaphorical mile walked.

(Images and Article credit: Copyright SUF)