No surprise that less than one in five respondents believes ‘a business or governmental leader will actually tell the truth when confronted with a difficult issue’, as shown in the 2013 Edelman Trust Barometer.

`Academics, technical experts and a person like yourself ‘ were revealed, in the global survey, to be nearly twice as trusted as a Chief Executive or Government official. With the driver cited as unethical behaviour, banks and financial services were the least trusted sector. In the UK 78% were aware of banking scandals (which statistical 22% were unaware?) and the most trusted sector was technology.

And what of small business?  The most trusted were in the West, with industrialised countries trusting small business 30% more than big business, and developing countries trusting big business more than small business (only by a small margin).

Building on an ability to (almost) immediately connect with us all, and being always available therefore dependable (a bit like how we most of us like to see ourselves and our friends), plus it’s a kind of technical expert, there’s little wonder In Google We Trust .

Article credit: Copyright SUF 2013