Interest rates cut to 0.5% and quantative easing two weeks old, yet according to the  CML  any ‘meaningful revival’ in mortgage lending is unrealistic in the foreseeable future.  Umm….  Aaah….

With lots of Umming and Aahing, one of the main problems is determining the real value of a home or business in a falling market.

These are uncertain economic times.

With no umming, aaahing or hesitation, we’re certain of the facilities available, including  access  to both 100% mortgages and fast-track (secured and unsecured) business finance .

Incidentally, if whilst reviewing your situation you happen upon a £10 note,  check out the Darwin montage. According to the Bank of England the Hummingbird is ‘ of the type characteristically found in the region of the Galapagos Islands  but according to Professor Steve Jones  there are no Hummingbirds on the islands and the currency in which we place our trust is telling us lies about evolution.  Hummm…..