Don’t quite know which is worse, those at the top knowing nothing, or those at the top being potential psychopaths?

Interesting to read about a study which said that 1-in-24 business leaders who, apparently, although poor managers, are adept at climbing the corporate ladder; their inadequacies are covered up with lashings of charm and leanings towards being a psychopath.

These leaders don’t have the excuse of not being potty-trained; quite the opposite.  The study finds their happy childhoods mean they don’t have to channel their energies in violent or destructive ways but are adept at switching on the charm-patter.  Talking about a top-end corporate or similar they’ve had dealings with, wish we had a penny for every time a business says to us ‘…they haven’t a clue!

It was therefore great timing to hear John Cleese  reinforce the message when,  on a TV special telling of Fawlty Towers, he explained that the series had been rejected by those at the top as being ‘anything other than a disaster’    ……‘Just proves those at the top know nothing’ he laughed.

(Image credit:  ben 124    Article credit: Copyright SUF)