Sounds Like Team Spirit

Marmite Moment, The Apprentice was, on a recent episode,  almost diluted to a thinly disguised former self when one team spectacularly fell apart; not for the first time, or last, at the usual seams but with a definitive splintering like shattering glass on a very hard surface.  No serious harm done because this is light entertainment and the team effort will always have the same outcome, because each project has a team which plays to win and additionally play to squash their team mates. Attempting to shine out as business beacons they use slivery-tongued self-promo one-liners such as `Everything I touch turns to Sold’,  `To me making money is better than sex’  and  `When I wake up in the morning I can taste success in my spit’.  Nice.  If nothing else, it’s a reminder for managers and leaders in all spheres, be aware for any ego landing and manage or lead by solutions not slogans.

If you’re in business you’ll know about the need to put a team together at some time and, obviously, this Apprentice-type team doesn’t exist in business….. Does it?

Teams can be temporary as well as permanent. Put together to evaluate the factors of a project before closing in on a goal, whoever is leading the team shouldn’t be left with any uncertainties about the goal. Each member of the team should be chosen for their area of expertise, giving extra time for wherever or whatever that leader’s time is needed for.  As Intermediary, other members in the teams we become part of  are usually, but not exclusively, Accountants, Valuers, Surveyors,  Lenders and Solicitors with our client being the Leader, however some teams we’ve met have Agents, Employees, Partners and even family members.

Understanding the true value of a business or property is absolute and there should never be a pressure felt by the project leader to make decisions they are not totally comfortable with regarding projects that have this at its core. Therefore, irrelevant of the project size, putting the right team together is invaluable in terms of ensuring the right outcome being kept in check.  The potential for projects to fall apart are many; misinformation, trying to be in three places at one time, third parties, missing or not fully understanding relevant information, not scrutinising documentation appropriately and, for such reasons  it is the job of a team to work to achieve a common goal by taking the emphasis from one person for  effective result.

`Going it alone’ for a project doesn’t stop pulling a team together, to spread skills and experience either for that specific project or to become permanent. Defining roles that will need support and choosing people who will take on those responsibilities, deliver ideas or solutions, will pull together a project quicker than stopping and starting and, for any tough going, a multi-faceted team will add leverage or keep pressure on.

When team leaders are given a type of intellectual property, opinions and ideas, they can gain perspective and if necessary re-route strategy but unless the team communicates `Together we stand, divided we fall ‘ (not  one of Lord Sugar’s expressions, it’s not sharp or pithy enough) is as near assured as it is one of the cardinal sins of business ……not pulling your weight.

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)