Market Update


The Institute for Financial Planning has discovered, from their Poll during Financial Planning Week, that 90% of a 30 – 44 age group did not review their financial plans regularly and 68% overall didn`t make a review. No matter what the poll, or the numbers, the sentiments remain.

The Government`s Stamp Duty exemption soon comes to an end 31st December at which point buyers will once again face a 1% tax on all properties valued between £125k and £175k.

Standard Life Investments have stated that the “weight of money” (the amount of equity that has been raised in the market) committed to investment in commercial property has increased. Apparently, some major property companies have been taking steps to repair their balance sheets via rights issues. Most have been successful including UK`s British Land and Land Securities. Acting as a Key Trigger in recovery, this is important news for businesses considering commercial property and might be a consideration for any appraisals.