Basel s brushing  around  as, after the Banking Supervision Committee said it will require lenders to have common equity capital to at least 4.5% of assets and will introduce a 2.5% buffer, the news was generally one of acceptance.  There are now mumblings of it being too excessive and debate will continue.

Accountancy Counts  according to a new survey by a US magazine. Accountancy groups are the most accommodating to female staff  juggling full-time work and motherhood, a list made from questions given to 600 firms about working life. Meanwhile, the number of financial service firms in the survey fell from 26 to 17.  The UK awards are due 5 October.

A diamond  shines for some Landlords as Paragon has returned to the buy-to-let lenders market. Lots of news out there about this welcome news and we’re here with the details if you want to examine the diamond further.

Another Brick in the Wall for Banks – Doubtless that the story of frustrations with the Banks leading to headlines isn’t news any longer, however, for those that might not have heard, basically it would seem that in Bournemouth 3 chaps, fed up with their Bank’s attitude, decided to close the door and, for good measure, brick it up. With a name that sounds as though it needs a Phil Collins aka Cadbury ads , massive drum build-up before they are mentioned, the Recessionairs chose their Bank at random for their protest. Lots of press coverage with variety of responding comments.

Classic investment  for someone as Ian Fleming’s Ford powered Acecas has gone under the hammer  in a sale.

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