Showing no sign of noise reduction, the geo-political and economic headlines hold the same  miserable vein of the sky is falling down, economic growth is stunted, economic growth it slow, economic growth shows signs of movement in the years ahead, the UK’s budget deficit could fall, UK household debt will probably rise, the EU is melting, Banks have been downgraded,  and the UK economy is, according to Bank of England Governor, `the worst financial crisis since the thirties’ ; all we need now is the headline It’s the end of civilisation as we know it!  Our Banks are facing a shakeup, they get stressed,  the creaking can be heard and a shout of Timber goes out.

News noise and market data continues to centre on economic stimulus and Interest rates remaining cut since 2009 , along with quantitative easing, for its third-time-lucky further £75bn.

Slowdown in shopping centre development is likely in the UK and every customer counts for the supermarket share as customers are spending less on each trip, however, according to a small business survey by American Express, 93% of respondents believe it’s important to support local business with an average spending  1/3 of their disposable income at those stores.

The carrier bag police are out in Wales as a  levy of 5p is being introduced for carrier bag usage, however, some traders have been left confused about the exemptions relating to up to £5,000 in fines if businesses don’t comply.  Economic crime in the insurance sector will be targeted, from January,  by a fraud crime unit with 35 specialist fraud detectives and financial investigators. The independent police unit will focus on crime valued at £2bn a year.

No more excuses for not being able to come into work for Co-Op employees as they are being offered free flu jabs. It is estimated that if 75% of the workforce take up the offer £1m a year could be made in savings with figures suggesting absenteeism costing UK businesses up to £1.1bn.  A US drug store chain is promoting, ahead of any seasonal demand, You Vs. Flu.  As an increasing number of Americans head to their local pharmacy for more than their flu vaccine;  the growing national trend is to allow pharmacists to give different types of vaccinations as well as flu shots, this is an introductory platform to new customers,

Tenacity is an inspiring attitude to hear about, therefore reading of the three school friends, who decided to beat the books together after school, to gain scholarships, was encouraging.  When the library closed at 6pm they turned to their local fast-food outlet and were able to stay until 10pm. The three are now applying to study medicine and the pizza shop owner has hopefully gained a potential growth gap. Although tenacity hasn’t paid off for the blogger who wrote about the sense of freedom, control and access …. (being)  in charge of  finances, independent, (and) in control all being taken away by the changes to their internet banking and the challenge that is the  secure key.

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)