All it took was a final push….. and he’d be there.  As the world began to take on a magnified `Catherine Wheel’ effect, the sounds of the street were turned down and destination became a distant memory until the silence that was to be the noise of the next morning.  Life continued. 

A Paramedic stepped up to the challenge of training. The ambulance staff took the step up to responsibility. The support staff stepped up to respond. Nurses stepped up to the patient. Doctors step up and focus.

‘It is not enough to stare up the steps – we must step up to the stairs’ , a recent quote highlighted to us that choosing our name was easy;  the theme of Step-Up  is everywhere and all manner of things are driven by a step up attitude or approach. There are currently schools, colleges and universities filled with an attitude of stepping up focus and drive.  Innovation, as witnessed not only through Outside the Box, is managed by the step up to new ideas and action. We couldn’t function as effectively without the step up to effort in communication available to business. It’s a limitless list which has connections because without one person taking a first step, others can’t take theirs.

So, Thank You to the person who chooses to step up and train as a paramedic, nurse, support staff or doctor, or the Company that steps up research  or the making of  medical equipment and to cafe crews who step up the tea making , to those who step up ……

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)