Imagine a practical difficulty.  Now consider the problem that is creating the challenge, but don’t be afraid to let imagination overcome all constraints.  That is `Outside the Box’  thinking as we see it for business, going beyond the confines of familiar ways of thinking.  It is not, as defined recently by a contender on The Apprentice,  who stated their Outside the Box thinking  as, ‘If I was an apple pie, the apples inside would be orange’.  And, apparently, not a comment made outside a pub!  The lightbulb moment should not be a tumbleweed moment;  it should be as exciting as the idea of discovering a Psammead  to grant your every wish because creative wish-type thinking is the start of considered Outside the Box thinking.

Inspirational moments are few amongst those who wear the self-delusional cloak of ego on The Apprentice, grappling to illustrate their special, superior, amazing – or whatever – superlative understanding in the ways of business. It is not until The Interview  episode, when a deeper probing of the remaining candidate’s motive and personality illustrates the necessity, and ability, to react outside a comfort zone.  Up to that point the majority of candidates show their response mechanisms in business akin to Moe’s Tavern  or  Krusty Burger.  Not dissimilar from lab rats behind a TV glass display case, this revolutionary entertainment programme ironically illustrates a warning of how NOT to do it regarding the basic rules and sophistications of business, as its candidates likely manage to short circuit the thought switches of budding entrepreneurs and businesses whilst existing ones watching around the country shout, and who’ll generally exclaim, Ye Gods!   They are definitely not.

Just as seemingly the candidates never learn from the previous series’, we’ll repeat ourselves; business doesn’t have to be complex. For a business, the consequence of experience is its behaviour, shaping the metaphoric box begins with the businesses environment;  its attitude and responses. Some areas can be readily measured and appropriate response made to those measurements, and the business can be as unique as it wishes. However, how it responds or reacts confirms its strengths, success and ability to begin pushing the walls out. It is the response that is the key difference to access  Outside the Box. 

(Images and Article credit: Copyright SUF)