A majority of our mail is ‘posted’ via the internet, a simple and easy procedure, compared to running the gauntlet of our nearest main Post Office.  The posting of a letter used to be a fairly simple affair; First or Second Class.  From an economic point of view, Royal Mail felt this pricing structure needed tweaking and a new strategy was introduced which included prices being attached to a variety of physical sizing and the opportunity to use an online service. Not ones to criticise until we’ve tried, this service seemed an opportunity to avoid wasting our and our clients’ time in the aforementioned Post Office and we embraced the changes (with a wince). We used the automatic addressing system and (erring on the side of caution) always overpaid to ensure that any risk of doubt is removed at the sorting office.  So good, so far…..? 

 Not really. Not a good experience at all.  It would seem that the logistics of moving physical post and merging online doesn’t mean the sum is greater than its parts.  Not quite the gold standard yet.