One-size-fits-all rarely works.  It rarely works for business models, customer service, education, hats, pants or people.  Although it might  work with the newly proposed hospital dignity gowns, standardising can’t react, therefore  isn’t sustainable and results in availability vying with attainability.

How does this reflect in our industry?  An example we could give is the phrase ‘Finding the Right Mortgage’. What’s that all about for everyone?

“I want that one” might be modified to “I want that one but this one is a better option; what’s attainable?”  Or, “I want that one but this one gives better advantage: what’s possible?”  Even, “I want that one but what’s feasible?”   “I want that one but this one…..”    …..and so on until, “I want that one, what’s accessible?”  precedes the seeking of a fair and appropriate mortgage.

Finance isn’t simple, people aren’t simple……. but shift happens.

(Image and Article credit: Copyright SUF)