Without exception in the context of the working day, every time the word `lunch’ is mentioned Numskull  Brainy sets into action and controls an inner voice which transmits  ‘Lunch is for wimps’  in that Wall Street way of Gecko, at which point the Numskulls conjure up a scene from The Pink Panther  with Kato attacking Clouseau,  as hunger  strikes those wanting to go to lunch.

Not wanting to be distracted by the context in which Gecko made his statement nor the benefits or otherwise of lunch and certainly he’s no cartoon character, but Gordon Gekko, insider trader, white collar crime man, is back in business at a time of economic meltdown and ready to face up to some fiscal Kato-type attacks as an ex rogue trader.  It’s that time of year again when the clocks go back  and the cinema beckons.

Just as last year’s Capitalism highlighted the pushing of boundaries, we’re hoping that the `Marmite man’ of money will deliver the same with his one liners confirming what happens in the inner sanctums. Has greed been good for Gekko? Will lunch still be `for wimps’ or is Gekko too big to fail?

(Image credit: Horia Varlan  Article credit: Copyright SUF)